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Stuck on 40/10 but paying for 80/20

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Stuck on 40/10 but paying for 80/20

Hi there


I was hoping a friendly admin here might help as I am getting nowhere with the conventional route.


tl;dr :

1)WIth plusnet for three years approx on fibre essentials (40/10)

2)At contract renewal in march was persuaded to go over to fibre extra for a small additional monthly fee (80/20)

3) Broadband goes down in early October.  During the repair period it is revealed that the switch to 80/20 has never occurred.

4) Repeated attempts by plusnet tech to switch over to 80/20.  Two engineer visits, both told of line failure rather than incorrect line banding

5) Most recent engineer commented that plusnet need to tell openreach it is a new product to force the banding change, rather than randomly calling out an engineer under the auspices of a line fault.  (The 40/10 line is fine and stable again btw).


Is there somebody here who knows which button to push for this to happen?


Many thanks in advance, 


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Re: Stuck on 40/10 but paying for 80/20

I suggest raising a compliant with PN.
Ignore any refernces to chat, PN have stopped supporting chat but left references to it littered across the website 😞
Raise a ticket and ask for the contracted service to be provisioned on your line and a refund for the additional money paid for each month they failed to properly provision the circuit.
Also ask for a good wil gesture as you had to contact Plusnet multiple timess, be in attendance for two Openreach visits etc
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Re: Stuck on 40/10 but paying for 80/20

Hi there- thanks of your advice RichardB- I will do just that!  Unfortunate to have to go down the formal complaint route but responses to the support ticket are not getting me anywhere.






Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Stuck on 40/10 but paying for 80/20

Hey @moonuntalpha, 

Thanks for your time on the phone just now. I've provided a record of our discussion and the steps I'm taking to resolve the matter for you here. I'll be back in touch on Friday with more info! 



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