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Streaming super slow?

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Streaming super slow?

Recently I've been getting generally slow internet on a lot of website, but in particular streaming seems to have taken a big hit recently. I can't watch streams on Twitch without it freezing every 5 seconds or so, it stutters and comes back a few times and then just stops completely. Same issue is happening on Crunchyroll and YouTube sometimes as well.


Speedtest is currently showing my connection being the same sort of speed that it usually is, so I'm confused as to what the issue is. I've tried rebooting my router a couple of times to no avail. The internet is still rather slow. Sad



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Re: Streaming super slow?

Take a ganders, the forum's full of people experiencing the same thing - packet loss and routing issues, in some cases going on 2 weeks now with no resolution in sight. The packet loss is most likely what's affecting your streaming.