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Strange "disconnect" issue. Please Help.

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Strange "disconnect" issue. Please Help.

 Hello All,

I'm struggling with a strange "disconnection" issue and I am hoping someone can help shed some light on the issue.


For the past couple of weeks (perhaps longer) I've been suffering drop outs when loading webpages, playing games, using skype, teamspeak, etc.


Now it doesn't seem to be a complete disconnect, as sometimes it's only unresponsive for a matter of seconds. For webpages that's fine, a refresh usually fixes it. However for online games, skype, teasmpeak, it results in a disconnect and the need to reconnect again.


There is no rhyme or reason to the disconnections, sometimes I can go a day or more, sometimes a few in an hour. The disconnects affect all devices, wired and wireless. However I can still access the wireless router configuration page.

So far I have tried the following:

1. Router Reboot (ASUS RT-N56U)

2. Different Router (TP-LINK Archer C20i)

3. Router Factor Reset (Both)

4. We were using a powerline adaptor (TP Link) for some devices - ruled out due to the fact all devices disconnect.

5. Unplugged the Openreach Modem and left it off for 15 minutes.

6. Every cable has been replaced with a counterpart.


Other points of note:

1. I have a static IP from plusnet.

2. When these "disconnects" happen all lights on the Openreach Modem remain lit. The "internet" light on the Router does appear to go out though.

3. Despite the internet appearing to cut out multiple times per day, with clusters of multiple times per hour, absolutely no DLM appears to be applied to the line. My speed is near on flawless at 72MB (77 Max attainable according to speed tests).


I would be really interested to see what is showing up on the plusnet side of things. There will be some disconnects there due to me resetting and swapping equipment (honestly couldn't guess at how many are down to that) but if every apparent dropout is counted I would expect in the region of 10-20 per day showing up for the past couple of days.

Realistically it would appear the issue is somewhere between the modem and the plusnet. I'd be massively surprised if two different brands of router both exhibited the exact same issue at the exact same time.


Any potential solutions, advice, or possible further troubleshooting steps would be very welcome.


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Re: Strange "disconnect" issue. Please Help.

i have had the exact same issues  for the past 2 days so no , it's not on your side

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Re: Strange "disconnect" issue. Please Help.

Same issues here, and it is driving me nuts.

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Re: Strange "disconnect" issue. Please Help.

Having the same issue. Plusnets network is in meltdown.