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Still not live yet!?

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Still not live yet!?



I've been waiting for the openreach engineer to install fibre for a about a month now. He has done it and I've connected a VDSL compatible router to it and used the correct username and password and everything. HOwever I'm still being told that my broadband isnt active! I've received a text saying that the phone line is active so surely this means the broadband should be too?


Is there anything I can do to get my internet working, I've been living without it for a month now as I've just moved into a new house and its been super inconvenient!


Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Still not live yet!?

Is your phone working? If so that's only the start. BT need to make another connection between your phone line and the fibre cabinet. This is done at green cabinets hopefully installed near your house. Fibre broadband cannot be activated until the phone line is working.

Hopefully a PN staffer will be along to tell you more.