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Stability issues

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Stability issues

We have now tv and when we stream we lose picture and sound for a second or so, I have the app on and LG tv (wifi) and also a now tv box (wfif & Wired), the picture breaks down on the tv app but on the box just vanishes.

I have reduced my upload to 1mb/s in QOSI also do not use the hub one as I had major issues with the service earlier in the year, got passed from one department to another and was told to mitigate the problem use a 3rd party router as there was an issue with the hub and the new network so I bought a netgear D6220 router.

this happens every day normally around late afternoon through to late evening.

any help would be appreciated in resolving this long running issue

All software / firmware is up to date

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Re: Stability issues

I presume you have Fibre Unlimited, up to 38 mbps service.

What speeds do you get when you run speed test?

Does your router logs show any signs of disconnections and is anything else affected other than NowTV ?

Have you witnessed any issues with BBC iplayer HD through the NowTV boxes when playing on demand content, and 'live' BBC1 and BBC2 channels through the app?


We also have NowTV Entertainment, and TBH, I rarely notice any issues on our black NowTV boxes, one wired, other uses 5 GHz wireless, but it is mainly used in mornings and afternoons.  

I know the live NowTV channels stream at 'average rate' of 3,500 kbps.


You could set up a BQM to check for any suspected packet loss events.

You will need to enable ping on your Netgear router.