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Splitter faceplate and alarm communicator

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Splitter faceplate and alarm communicator

I did post this last night in an old thread but it seems to have vanished into the ether!

After having had appalling ADSL service for some time I have just upgraded to Fibre and was disappointed by the speed. After talking to support I discovered that I could get 9Mbps download from the test socket but only half that from the inserted standard unfiltered faceplate socket.  I have ordered a filtered faceplate but this poses a couple of questions

Q1:  When we abandoned the dedicated line for our burglar alarm communicator I saw the alarm man put a filter into the communicator, which is hard wired to the back of a normal extension socket (of which we have many, most of which are now unused with the advent of cordless phones).  By installing the ADSL splitter filtered faceplate I will effectively be double filtering the alarm communicator (assuming that its internal filter is still working). Is that likely to cause the communicator any issues in dialling out?

Q2.  My study is remote from the master socket and the latter is not a good place to site the Hub One on anything other than a very temporary basis.  I will run a new CAT5e cable from terminals A&B on the back of the filtered faceplate using a twisted pair.  Thatcable will be of the order of 25 metres to go under the floor, up into the attic and then to the study.  At the study end I will fit an RJ11 socket into which I can plug the Hub One.  Is it correct that I wire the CAT5 twisted pair to the middle two of the RJ11 4 contacts?  Is polarity important in the RJ11 socket?  Assuming that A is the "hot" positive of the AB pair should that be wired to the RJ11 socket to mate with the red of the modem lead?

I would be grateful for advice.  I have really had enough of slow speeds.  Already I am angry that even Fibre can only promise me 10Mbps in surburban Outer London!

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Re: Splitter faceplate and alarm communicator


I split your post from the thread you had posted in and moved it to the Everything Else Board and changed it's title.


You can find it here.


I have locked this thread in favour of the above.

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