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Speeds after switching back to Plusnet from Vodafone nightmare

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Speeds after switching back to Plusnet from Vodafone nightmare

I recently made the mistake of switching to Vodafone broadband, what a nightmare! Constant speed fluctuations, drop outs and many other 'weird' experiences in general.

I switched back to Plusnet today, previously getting top speed of 80 down and 20 up with latency around 10ms.

However today my top speed is 70 down around 18 up, latency 20-25.

6. Data rate: 19999 / 74035 7. Maximum data rate: 23617 / 86046 8. Noise margin: 15.4 / 6.1 9. Line attenuation: 20.2 / 16.3 10. Signal attenuation: 20.0 / 16.4


From day one with Plusnet previously I got top speed etc, why has it synced lower than what I had before?

The line and signal attenuation are up also?

Has Vodafone done something to my service?

Will things get back to what they were when I was previously with plusnet ?


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Speeds after switching back to Plusnet from Vodafona nightmare

Hi @mickfar


Thanks for getting back in touch and welcome back to Plusnet!


I've tested your connection and I'm seeing 74 down and 20 up at the moment. It may be that the line takes a few days to "settle down" after your migration back in again. That being said, the speeds you're seeing are well within your estimates and may be affected by today's traffic in general or any number of factors - I genuinely doubt that Vodafone have done anything untoward to your connection.


Could you monitor the download speed over the next week and keep us informed? As per usual troubleshooting, please ensure that your router is plugged directly into the test socket of your premises (behind the faceplate).





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 Dave G
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Re: Speeds after switching back to Plusnet from Vodafone nightmare

I thought that the practice had stopped but the Openreach technician probably reset the DLM for your line during the switchover back to the default 6dB. With a bit of luck with patience this will slowly drop and increase your speed automatically.

The other factor is that as more people take up fibre so the crosstalk increases, which will result in a speed decrease.