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Speed vs reliability

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Registered: ‎14-04-2016

Speed vs reliability


I've got a ticket open (121245183) for massive packet drops that a modem reboot briefly resolved. After this was passed to BT the connection reset and all was good.



BT engineer still came out, tested and said all good, but was surprised by my low speeds 30mb download when BT speedchecker said DL range from 32.4->45. He suggested that it should go back to Plusnet. After the BT visit my speeds remained constant at 30mb download, but I had no packet loss at all. It took Plusnet 5 days to reply to my ticket, they said they found some problems and after a reboot I was up to 35mb download. 


Sadly, this seems to have brought back the packet loss. Currently only between 2-5% but still makes browsing and watching videos a bit of a nightmare. Any chance someone could give my connection the full once over? I'm out of contract now and this sort of thing is giving me itchy feet (no online chat available and I don't want to wait another week for someone to reply to my ticket!)


All tests performed on a gigabit hardwired connection, when this fault started originally I swapped from a HH5 to the ECI openreach modem to make sure it wasn't my equipment. Also replaced RJ11 cable from modem to BT socket with no improvement


Cheers, and current TBB chart for reference: