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Speed suddenly increased

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Speed suddenly increased

Well i'm not complaining, but I had a strange thing happen last night. 

According to my Unifi controller logs my internet connection dropped out at 5:30am

When it came back on my download speed has increased to 73-76mbit brilliant !! I've been getting about 66mbit for the past 2 years.


The only thing I can think that might cause this is my street has just been updated to FTTP so maybe BT have installed some better components somewhere along the line to the exchange?

I posted this because hardly anybody ever posts when something "works" only when it doesn't. 


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Re: Speed suddenly increased


On the positive, PlusNet seem to be quite proactive. I remember when the upload speed increased for everyone. That was a very nice surprise for everyone😊.


I look forward to posting such a positive message like yours myself, one day.Smiley