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Speed slowing, frequent dropped connection

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Re: Speed slowing, frequent dropped connection

Open Reach engineer was out on Saturday.

Knocked on the door within the last two minutes of his slot, but stayed for over an hour.

At first he said the problem was "internal" and line was running as it should, before admitting he hadn't actually done anything yet. Sad

After checking the box on the outside of the house, where the line comes in, admitted there was a fault. "going back towards the cabinet."

An hour or so later, he texted to say both broadband and phone had now been fixed and the problem/s were in the "box across the road" and at the cabinet.

However, when I checked my voice phone line was dead - no dial tone - and he checked again, before eventually fixing "the fault" (again?)

Since then everything appears to be fine, with no noise on the line, or drop outs, and speeds back about where they should be


Thanks to everyone who helped.

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Re: Speed slowing, frequent dropped connection

@worzel Hope this is a permanent 'fix', but keep your eyes and ears on it.