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Speed lower than expected (Low DSLAN)

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Registered: ‎28-02-2021

Speed lower than expected (Low DSLAN)

The package that I am on which is the top package, says that I can could get 56 but the DSLAN has a limit of 44.  How can I get this increased to that i could maybe get fast connection.  See below the Fritzbox internet connection speeds.


Receive Direction Send Direction

Max. DSLAM throughputkbit/s4400010000
Min. DSLAM throughputkbit/s128-
Attainable throughputkbit/s527898902
Current throughputkbit/s439908902
Min. effective data ratekbit/s43163 
Seamless rate adaptation offoff
Latency fastfast
Impulse Noise Protection (INP) 430
G.INP onoff
Signal-to-noise ratiodB96
Bitswap onon
Line attenuationdB2127
approximate line lengthm565 
G.Vector offoff
Carrier record J43J43