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Speed issues after recontract.

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Speed issues after recontract.

It is interesting just how much Plusnet's standards are dropping!

I renewed my Broadband/Phone package at the beginning of December 2021.

I have just recently installed my new latest router. (also, I received another one, which I need to return). I have noticed that my contract is not the same as it was before renewal, it is a different contract. Clearly, there has been an error somewhere and I would like to have it made correct to the Unlimited Broadband Plus with anytime calls.

After doing speed tests on Ookla and your own speedtester, my download speed has dropped from 46mbps (pre-renewal) to 36mbps and upload from 11mbp2 to 9mbps. In fact, not in the too far distant past I was constantly getting 50+mbps download speeds. I do have records to prove this.

I have been a loyal Plusnet customer for well over 10 (ten) years and if I remember correctly, I was told by a member of staff that I was one of the longest serving customers.

I don't wish to change Plusnet and wherever and by whom the error was made (including myself) I would like to have it back please.

If this is not the correct place please pass it on to the appropriate department.

Thank you.

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Re: Plusnet ‘Unlimited Fibre’ speeds not as fast as expected

Might I suggest you start a new thread, which will be better for you since it will relate only to your own issue separately from mine. Believe me, you don't want to make your thread complicated by adding the previous 69 posts from my thread.

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Re: Speed issues after recontract.

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