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Speed falls below guarantee.

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Speed falls below guarantee.

I am posting in this forum as PN say it is one way of getting queries looked at.

My history will show that for a few years my speed was consistently approx 38mbps down and the Line Attenuation was about 25db.

Problems arose earlier this year and after several attempts Openreach got my line back to stable by switching to a new line. In the process my Line Attenuation rose to about 44db and my speed fell to a fraction above the minimum guarantee threshold that PN said I should get, i.e. 27mbps.

Now after the router resetting 3 days ago these are the stats.......

DSL uptime:

3 Days, 15 Hours 7 Minutes 41 Seconds

5.61 Mbps / 25.00 Mbps

5721 / 30019

6.2 dB / 4.9 dB

43.8 dB

26.3 dB / 43.8 dB

Speed has dropped to 25mbps, below my guaranteed speed. My records will show I should be getting about 38mbps let alone the 27mbps that I am apparently guaranteed, let alone the new 25mbps figure as of today.

Can Plusnet please look into this and try to fix it and get me back to my original 38mbps figure please?

John Lowe

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Speed falls below guarantee.

Hi @fred77 - I've checked the account and there's an open fault raised for the line at present. Our faults team will get back to you once Openreach have resolved this. You can view the open ticket here

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