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Speed drops to below 10KBs after 30 seconds

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Registered: ‎09-09-2016

Speed drops to below 10KBs after 30 seconds

I recently moved into a new house and opted for Plusnet as I had a very good experience with them when I last used them (many many years ago) 



This time around however my experience has been appalling from day one! First they delayed my install date by a week (after they had confirmed and I had booked the original date as holiday) and then decided to activate the line the day AFTER it was due to be installed so there was no way to verify the connection while the Open reach engineer was on site. 


Having finally had the line go live it is totally unusable! While I can run a speed test 10 times and get 70Mbs every single time (due to them giving priority to such sites) as soon as I try to do anything else after 30s or so my speed drops to a few KB/s! I'm consistently running at sub 1/1000th of the quoted speed. I'm getting speeds I haven't seen since I was on a 56k modem.


I tried to upload a video of how awful it was but the internet kept cutting out. So here is a pic of steam going at sub 10KB/s instead. you can see that it briefly achieved a respectable 7.7MB/s before falling apart.  


Displaying IMG_2538.JPG


Tech support have been zero help and just fob me off with "someone will look at it" and "there may be an issue in your area" so i tried to cancel my contract so that I could move to a real company and not the subservient sub minion of BT corp that plusnet has become and they are telling me I cant because its "gone live" so i have to pay £200!!


Honestly at this point I'm tempted to just cancel and claim back any charges through the small claims court.