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Speed drop - news on G.INP

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Speed drop - news on G.INP


My connection has dropped from around 55-60 when i signed up to FTTC to now around 41. i raised a fault with PN but dont expect much improvement. I am using a Cisco 887VA router so can see the stats of the VDSL modem, not sure what the issue is but see a much lower sync speed than attainable rate, and reed-solomon coding applied with 8ms interleaving and a INP value of 3. Can see header and CRC errors.

I'm one of the unlucky ones on an ECI cabinet. Has anyone heard recently on updates from open reach about rolling out G.INP to ECI cabinets, or is this just a pipe dream that has been looked at for over a year and will never happen. any chance of PlusNet engineers checking with them for an update, as some forums seem to think that would help with some forms of line interference.




Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Speed drop - news on G.INP

Sorry to hear that.

I'll get your fault picked up shortly.

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 Matthew Wheeler
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Re: Speed drop - news on G.INP

Hi, there has been no news on the G.INP roll out for ECI since testing was stopped for Winter, there was a suggestion on the kitz forum that it could start at the end of this Month but that looks to be just a guess rather than any fact behind it, it's also been suggested it might not even come at all, who knows at this point typical Openreach is to stay as silent as possible, I'm on a ECI cab myself so feel the pain when it comes to G.INP.