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Speed Issues

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Speed Issues

help!! Smiley
For just over a week I have been receiving an upload sync of 7Mbps where previously it was syncing at 20mbps.
My download has also dropped from just under 60Mbps to 45Mbps but this seems to have happened a few days after my upload went down.
Whilst the lower speeds are still good enough for me, I wanted to make sure it wasn't a sign of any problems starting.
As I have an unlocked modem I can keep an eye on what is happening:
The modem resyncs at least twice most days and once the modem tries to sync it will initially sync back at 20Mbps upload,but as it keeps losing connection it will try up to eight or nine times within about five minutes and keep getting 20Mbps, as it keeps losing connection and then it will suddenly drop to 7Mbps and sync successfully and stay synced for t least several hours.
My download always syncs at about 45Mbps regardless of the upload sync shows.
I raised a ticket which was replied to with a radius log, and BT test log showing I was now getting less disconnects and stating no fault found,and asking me to monitor it.
One good thing from it is it stated no customer side wiring faults detected.
It also had the following attached
Parameters                 MIN                MAX        AVG
Down Stream Line Rate 48.9 Mbps 62.3 Mbps 56.4 Mbps
Up Stream Line Rate 3.9 Mbps       19.9 Mbps        10.8 Mbps
Up Time                        295.0 Sec 903.0 Sec 892.0 Sec
Retrains                        0.0                 11.0        0.1
Which seems to prove the previous speeds I was having.
There was no mention of why my speeds were so low.
I have since replied to my ticket showing several BT speedtester results which are showing my actual download speed when connected to the BT domain and with the PC connected direct to the modem as no more than 33Mbps down,and 2.2Mbps up, which it states as a potential fault and advised to report to my ISP.
I have also tried my original locked Plusnet modem and everything is exactly the same, so not a modem fault.
The lat 24 hours on TBB BQM is as below. The last disconnection was me doing the BT domain speedtests but the others were normal resyncs.

As my last ticket took several days to be answered, I thought I would try to see if anybody can tell me if all of this is just due to DLM, or if there is likely to be something else causing it.
If anyone can confirm its just DLM, or offer any other advice it would be much appreciated.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Speed Issues

I can see a colleague is currently testing your line.
We'll update you shortly.
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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team