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Speed Fault - Question #180259566

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Speed Fault - Question #180259566

Is it possible to get an answer from support regarding Question #180259566?


Had issues from day one of my service, BT Openreach have been out and fixed 2 physical faults with my line so far (one line break between house and the pole and a 2nd between the pole and the cab). The 2nd visit I was given no notice that Openreach were coming which meant my wife had to cancel her plans that day as it took the engineer almost an entire day to fix the fault.

Speeds are consistently bad (under 20Mbps) and well below my guaranteed minimum. I have used the BTW speed tool but it always gives an error when doing further diagnostics: 


Results Image not loaded

1. Best Effort Test: 

Download Speed : 18.43 Mbps

2. Upstream Test: 

Upload Speed : 4.51 Mbps

Your speed test has completed and the results are shown above, however during the test an error occurred while trying to retrieve additional details regarding your service. As a result we are unable to determine if the speed you received during the test is acceptable for your service. Please re-run the test if you require this additional information.

And occasionally it gives an incorrect result of 73Mbps, which cant be possible when my router shows I never sync above 54Mbps and average around 45Mbps.


Getting a little annoyed now, as I never seem to get any answers from the questions part of the members portal and when ever I call up I'm consistently told different things depending on who answers the phone and it always results in yet another question being raised instead of any progress being made on the original question I called in about.


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Re: Speed Fault - Question #180259566

Hi there, I have updated the fault ticket on your account, you can go to the ticket here.

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 Lee Y
 Plusnet Help Team