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Something has changed !

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Registered: ‎15-11-2019

Something has changed !

I've previously had fairly regular dropouts at about the same time each evening and reported them.

No faults were found, so I tolerated these for much of last year. 

Performance, otherwise, was as good as I can get with Down ~22mbps, S/N ~6.2 : Up ~10mbps, S/N ~6.5, and ping of ~8 msecs.  Then a couple of weeks ago, my BB started dropping several times each evening and also during the day. 

Connection speeds have dropped and ping increased. Nothing had changed in the house - cause must be external? 

I tried the usual things of rebooting & resetting the router - made no difference.

I've now moved the router right next to the BT master socket and redone all the connections (twice).

Down is now ~18mbps, S/N 6.0 : Up ~5mbps, S/N 9.5 & ping ~30ms.

Even tried connecting directly to the incoming BT line - missing out the phone filter seemed to make no difference.

Does anyone know what's happened and what I should do ?