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Something a bit odd.

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Something a bit odd.

Over the last day or two I've having odd things happening.

1), I listen to live radio most days through my PC on direct wired connection Radio keeps cutting out for 30sec to 1min at a time, I check my routers nothing shows the internet has gone off.

2), I upload video to YouTube sometime a couple times a month these can range from 300mb to 2GB so these usually take anything from 40mins to 2hrs to upload.. Today (07-02) I've had to re-upload one video twice as the it claimed the upload failed. Managed to get it uploaded finally.

3), Latency seems to be creeping up slowly I've been monitoring that myself from 28ms last week to 40ms this week. I have reset the Fibre Modem Router along with a restart of my router to try solve but nothing.

My normal download speed is around 24 to 26Mb/s with upload at 2mb/s on a 40/2 contract.


Speed Test as of 16:10 07-02-2017

Download is 21.83mb/s

Upload 1.83mb/s

Ping Latency is 40ms

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Re: Something a bit odd.

Possibly related to this

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Re: Something a bit odd.

*Takes mental note of @rongtw's eff-off specs*

Would that lot work on Second Life® with everything turned up to max, do you reckon?

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Re: Something a bit odd.

I don't think it's very much linked as my net doesn't seem to disconnect from the internet when I upload. Lately online media services keeps buffering and loading. As I first mentioned when listing to Online Live Radio it will stop form 30secs to 1min before playing. Video File was 0.98GB when I went to upload it before took 2 attempts. I have one at 1.67GB to upload soon but don't know how it will do.

I have an Openreach Fibre Router and my own 3rd party router which is a TP-Link Archer VR600 I manage that on my own if when I need to..

I've reset both modem and router including trying 2 other routers I have to hand and still doing the above.

If anyone can have a look at my connection/testing that would much appreciated.




Speed Test at 18:48

Download at 22.33Mb/s

Upload at 1.82Mb/s

Ping Latency 40.13ms