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Some websites don't work

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Re: Some websites don't work

Hi Neil and welcome to the forums.
If you log in to your router and hit the disconnect button and then reconnect you should hop to a different gateway (it may take a couple of tries).
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Re: Some websites don't work

Thanks avatastic, all seems ok now.  Cheers.
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Re: Some websites don't work

Quote from: neilbradley
Im also experiencing the same issue, I can barely load any websites other than!
Not really on that this is now a known issue and there is nothing on the service status page.
Is it possible to get me moved to another gateway also please so I can make a payment on
my id is neilbradleyuk

Hi Neil, welcome to the forums also.
I totally agree with you about the lack of Service Status - You may have noticed my earlier post #7 suggesting one, and my comment reply #12 that one had not appeared, so I don't know what happened there as Matthew was going to try and get it done. Ho hum.
Anyway all seems sorted now and as far as I can tell and AFAIK pcl-ag03 is now working normally.