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Slow upload speeds

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Registered: ‎01-04-2013

Slow upload speeds

Hi, Iam having a problem with my fibre broadband when I run any speed checker(inc btwholesalechecker) my upload speeds are very slow eg 0.3mbps when I used to get 14mbps any ideas why?
My download speed is 66mpbs which is what I have always got.
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Re: Slow upload speeds

It would appear that quite a few are suffering from slower speeds on both upload and download,my speeds on both have been all over the place since yesterday evening.
My upload won't go above 1.6mbps(7111kbps sync rate) and my download is getting between 11mbps and 21mbps (37198kbps sync rate).
My ping has also skyrocketed from 15ms to anything upto 3000ms.