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Slow speeds

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Slow speeds

Hi I had fibre installed and went live Christmas Eve and the first week I was hitting between 8 and 32 mbs erratically.
I accepted this as I was told the speed would become stable after a period of time but my speed has since not gone above 12mbs and is regularly lower 6-9mbs, about the same as I was getting before I upgraded.
I have not moved my router or switched it off or put anything near it to interfere so it is probably plusnet's end that is the problem.
Any chance you can look into this and let me know if it can be upped to the speed am supposed to get.
Thank you.
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Re: Slow speeds

You can help yourself by checking the speeds as detailed in this forum sticky.,143836.0.html

If this shows that both your BTW Profile and your Plusnet line speed are well in excess of 12Mbps, you will need to log onto the router, press the disconnect button, wait a minute or two and then press connect again.
Then retry the speed tests using a wired Ethernet connection as WiFi speeds are very variable.