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Slow internet speeds in the evening but not in the morning Test Results

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Re: Slow speeds in the evening part deux

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Re: Slow speeds in the evening part deux

The ticket was raised to find a solution to the reoccurring slow throughput, as measured by speed-tests during the period 18:00-00:00 (typically, it can start earlier or slightly later)

After a call from PN, on the 13-Mar-2019,  that evening, and every evening subsequently the throughput has been the same as measured from 00:00-18:00 

PN have informed me that there are no issues with the s-VLAN, dslam or backhaul.

GEA tests are good, with some showing crosstalk.

A L&S was not carried out on the 13th as there was no disruption to the circuit.

LAN traffic was at a minimum.

PN can offer no reason for why this should occur.

I therefore ask the community for comments.