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Slow connection and always dropping

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Slow connection and always dropping



My broadband was fine at my old house, when moved i was told that the new connection would be around 22meg.


This has not been the case from day one. and the connection will be going on and off all night long, maybe during the day too but im not usually in to see this.

Today i have just done a speed test, and it says i am getting 0.46mb.

I have tried online chat, but it is never onHuh i tried looking for an email address but there doesn't seem to be one.


please could i get a solution to this?





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Re: Slow connection and always dropping

Welcome to the Forum @dyinggiraffe24

Are these speeds using a wired connection? If so, it would be worth running through the checks at and reporting a fault at It takes a bit of your time and costs you nothing, but makes Plusnet aware of your issue (they won't know otherwise), they will look at it, and the issue is in the queue for action.

Do please let us know how you get on..