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Slow/Unreliable DNS

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Slow/Unreliable DNS

During the last week or so I've been having constant problems of site names either not resolving at all, resolving on the second time only or just plain extremely slow resolution.

I'm using the standard PN DNS servers and there's never been a problem as bad as this before, its causing some sites to be unusable and others to take the patience of a saint to use.

I'm on a 80/20 fibre connection but a friend on a non-fibre ADSL line is also having problem with this.

Tried all the usual reset of routers etc, with no result so it look like its something on PN side.

Please can someone look into this.

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Re: Slow/Unreliable DNS

Wouldn't explain the rest of the week, but bits of the internet have been having a bit of a wobble today