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Slow Slow Slow Rubbish Fibre Broadband

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Registered: ‎27-04-2016

Slow Slow Slow Rubbish Fibre Broadband

Writing this while waiting for answer from PLUSNET ON PHONE

Upgraded from normal broadband to fibre optic to watch Netflix ,sport ECT 

Speed 24 MPs for two months Then slower , enquired why only to be told of oversubscription in my area¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have had max speed of 14mps for 9 months

,slower at nights so all we get is buffering  ,I'm sure the ordinary broadband was better,

Rang Plusnet

 on numerous occasions , technical telling me it's probably my equipment but after telling them a openreach engineer fitted & tested my master socket that my router is installed into they agreed there's a problem 

Sent my speed settings as requested to Plusnet via BT SPEED TEST WHOLESALE two or three times

Spoke to customer service for update this morning was told there's a lot of testing been done!!!!!!!!!!!!

But no resolution

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