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Slow Internet Speed, Connection Issues and Packet Loss to Hop 3

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Slow Internet Speed, Connection Issues and Packet Loss to Hop 3

I made a post not long ago regarding this issue that never gained any response even after tagging members of staff on the forum so hopefully, I can get some answers this time around.

Since that last post, I don't seem to have experienced many if any disconnections within the last week or two. That said my connection still feels like it is running slower than what it should.

My latest speed test using the BT Wholesale site as recommended by Plusnet is telling me that I am getting decent speed past my minimum guaranteed. (Test was done whilst writing this). Now, this isn't representative of performance on other days as I've done other speed tests that have been less than half of this current speed and way under my minimum guaranteed. 


But every website I visit feels sluggish, and videos on YouTube don't load correctly or buffer for a while, making it seem like my connection is slow.

I repeated the PingPlotter tests I carried out in my first post and there's still an issue with Hop 3 as highlighted in the pictures below where I am getting 80-90% Packet Loss on every site.

I performed the test using a wired connection from my Master Socket, with all other devices turned off. -


Google -


Google Docs -


Twitch -


YouTube -


So can I get some explanation to what is going on and how this can be fixed for good this time?
As even though I've currently got a stable connection, for the most part, for now. This is the second time I've had issues and disconnections to which I ended up buying new wires and equipment to try to fix the problems that you guys told me was on my side, not yours, which doesn't seem true going from what I've looked into.

So now it feels like a waiting game before I start receiving issues for the 3rd time within not even a year of being with Plusnet.

  @Gandalf @Mads @TheMightyAJ @BD @Tibzor @Buttercup  and any other staff that see this.

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Re: Slow Internet Speed, Connection Issues and Packet Loss to Hop 3

The third hop router is just doing what is there for - routing traffic.

You can ignore those results, you are reaching the end point which is what should happen.

Getting a resut from a ping in-between is a bonus - busy routers will just ignore pings.