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Slow Internet, Slow plusnet responce

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Slow Internet, Slow plusnet responce

I've not had much luck with plusnet, it took them 4 months to connect me, and when they finally did I had awful speeds 1-5mb After much complaining I eventually got half okay speeds about 20mb and I gave up on expecting any more so stopped complaining and sucked it up, (around about April last year)
I'm supposed to get 40Mb with 34Mb guaranteed minimum
I finally got around to complaining through the support wizard on the 18th last month, and I was surprised to see the following day my speeds went up but my internet also kept dropping out. (also not getting close to 40mb)
I sent another message to say my speed had gone up but I was getting dropouts
The following day the speed went back to 20mb and it's stayed that way since!
I got one responce on the 29th 10 days later 
saying make sure the router was plugged in for 3 days which I did then responded saying nothing has changed and haven't had a response since! more than 2 weeks later despite periodic messages

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Re: Slow Internet, Slow plusnet responce

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