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Slow Fibre, again - Possible SNR issue.

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Registered: ‎04-11-2010

Slow Fibre, again - Possible SNR issue.

The last three days have been hell, I'm getting a 6th of my expectant speed; appreciate this isn't a "Business Fibre Line" but like many others I'm pretty much stuck working from home. My main frustration (especially working in IT myself) is I am unable to get through to the technical support team via any method (basically you get a go away, try later or tomorrow recorded message).

Hoping that this is seen by someone before "later" or "tomorrow" and can be actioned for me,


So I'm running a OpenWRT router, have done the usual per-requisite checks (noise, filters, cables... ) and not asking for help configuring my router.



As you see my LATN and SATN are well within the "excellent" range, SNR seems a bit higher than usual, but nothing that would suggest an issue (my configuration hasn't ever really changed here) - Speedtest and Plusnet portal show an avg of 11MBp/s down...

Connection also has been dropping out, not seen a Openreach engineer fiddling at the green box at the end of the road either Smiley

Appreciate anyone that is able to help.

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