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Slow Fibre Broadband on Long Line Connection?

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Registered: ‎28-11-2017

Slow Fibre Broadband on Long Line Connection?

Fibre Broadband has never managed to sync at anything better that 2Mbps (down), and Plusnet fault escalation/investigation has now concluded with the comment "As you are syncing at less than your Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed (3.8Mb) we would be happy to release you from your contract...", and which wasn't really the solution I was hoping for!!

The problem has been put down to the cabinet/premises distance (approx 2.5Km from the PCP/FTTC Cabinet), and whilst my expectations were never that high, something a bit closer to the Plusnet/BTW estimated speeds would have been good (BTW DSL Checker shows a VDSL download speed of between 7.9Mbps to 14.1Mbps)

The BTW DSL Checker takes into account the PCP/customer distance (or it should!!), and failure to meet estimated speeds here possibly indicates a line quality problem that could be resolved with an appropriate engineering solution (aerial cable between PCP/DP has numerous repairs/splices along its length, with each repair a possible source of water ingress/corrosion that maybe needs investigation). There are also alternative BT Infinity (fibre enabled) cabinets now available that are much closer than the cabinet I am currently connected to (although additional overhead cables would be required), so technical solutions to address the speed are possible, but would obviously need willingness (and effort) on the part of BT/BTOR to implement. 

Moving to another provider isn't going to make this any better (I'll still be the same distance from the same cabinet on the same rubbish aerial cable!!), and what I was really hoping for here was a bit of effort on the part of Plusnet and/or BTOR to come up with an innovative solution, rather than simply being asked to take my problems to another provider!!

Are there maybe any other "long line" customers with poor broadband speed, and did anyone ever get any successful resolution?