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Service Status - Plusnet vs. BT

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Service Status - Plusnet vs. BT

Lost my Broadband yesterday evening in Oakley Bedfordshire area. checked Plusnet Service status (Summary & Detailed Query) which revealed nothing. Sat on phone for 20 mins being told how busy everyone is. Agent checked line and immediately identfied there was a fault and then explained the following:

Your premises are part of a circuit effected by an Openreach Major Service Outage (MSO). Engineering work will be carried out in your area that will effect your services. Please allow 12 hours for the work to be complete as depending on the complexity and amount of work carried out your services may resume sooner than or after this point.

 I asked why this had not appeared on Plusnet Service status esp as declared an MSO. He said he didnt know why. Service is still down and I am having to resort to using the BT status page which is detailing the fault/status. From a customer standpoint I do not want to have to keep checking status with Plusnet; sitting in queue's to be told its still an issue. Its a case of managing expectations. Why can BT do this but not Plusnet bearing in mind its a "known issue" and Plusnet being a BT group company?


This surely does not help Plusnet, clogging up lines and hacking off customers. Is it possible to offer service notices as a "push" instead to mobile numbers or via an App perhaps. Power outages often supply push notifications to phones.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Service Status - Plusnet vs. BT

Hi @patentspending,


Thank you for taking the time to get in touch and providing us with your feedback.


I'm sorry that you had to call us to find out about a major system outage in your area, I appreciate this took up some of your time as you waited for us to answer your query. I apologise for the wait times and also that this information was not made available to you via a Plusnet communication.


As such outages are planned and executed by our suppliers Openreach they are likely to affect all network providers hence where possible they will advise what areas are affected. I appreciate your comments about this however so I have passed it on as a suggestion for improvement.


If you require any further assistance, please let us know.


Thanks - LF

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  Tahir M
 Plusnet Help Team