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Sent wrong router

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Sent wrong router

So my 582N died on Saturday morning. Contacted support, no problem, new one in the post.
A near-identical replacement has arrived, but it's missing the red sticker on ethernet port 4, which apparently means it's on the ADSL firmware - no good for me. I've worked in IT for a decade plus so I'm comfortable with flashing a replacement firmware but I have a couple of questions.
I noticed that the new box doesn't have USB, and there isn't a firmware listed here
for non-USB FTTC. From what I've read, the only difference is the physical lack of a USB  port and that otherwise the router is identical. Is this correct? Is it safe to flash a non-USB ADSL 582N (DANT-T, currently on 10.2.2.B) to an FTTC firmware update from that page?
If it's safe, which of the three should I use?
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Re: Sent wrong router

From what I understand, you want to use...
That version also enables multicast support for Plusnet IPTV services.
I also understand that it won't be a problem if your router doesn't have a USB port.
If you are still unsure, have a search through the forums where there are quite a few posts relating to this.
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Re: Sent wrong router is correct for the fibre TG582n
I understand you now have a fibre 2704N on it's way now as well if flashing it does break it.
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