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Scam concerning broadband?

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Scam concerning broadband?

I've just had a strange phone call. An automated message from someone purporting to be offcom telling me that my broadband has been compromised and will be cut off in the next 24 hours. I checked the number and it's the code for Barnsley (I'm in Barnsley), so I can't see it being from offcom! Has anyone got any clues as to what is going off? The full number was 01226735565. I don't intend ringing it back in case it's a scam.

I've also posted this in general chat.

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Re: Scam concerning broadband?


This is a total scam! Loads of other references in the forum for this. In my experience they have never mentioned Ofcom, but say that " this is a call from your internet service provider". The fact to bear in mind is that BT and Plusnet will never call out of the blue. Also BT will not call Plusnet customers.

Questions have been raised in the forum about what would happen if you were to press 1 when prompted to.

I had 2 of these calls yesterday. the first followed the usual script and the second said that I had missed a call from my internet provider.

It has also been noted that although the number they use appears genuine it is spoofed.

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Re: Scam concerning broadband?

The odd thing is it didn't ask me to do anything. No buttons to press. No numbers to call. Just said I was going to be cut off due to some "risk" of some sort. Can't see what they would gain from it.

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Re: Scam concerning broadband?

Hi @Porksley 


If, for whatever reason, we were going to contact you out of the blue via telephone, we would always identify as being from Plusnet. If anybody calls you about your PLusnet connection who does not do this, I suggest hanging up on them. 


You might want to look into our free Plusnet Call Protect service as well - it helps with unwanted calls. 


Kind Regards, 


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Re: Scam concerning broadband?

I've just had one of these pre-recorded calls from 07949... saying my "Internet line" would be disconnected in 24 hours and asking me to press 1 for BT and 2 for "others"! Needless to say, I pressed neither button and came here instead. Of course the number is probably spoofed, as I can't imagine anyone would really send pre-recorded calls through a mobile phone! I've not quoted the whole number as it might well be some innocent's real number and I don't want to put that on a public website.


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Re: Scam concerning broadband?

Sorry to reopen this. But this seems to have started up again. We have had two calls so far today purportedly to be forwarded from BT. Two different dial codes and numbers. Very well spoken male. Both stating that we will be cut off if we do not press 1 or 2 to sort out the 'fault'.

Please be aware. We have been with PlusNet for a year and have just renewed for another 18 months. Such calls must be very frightening to vulnerable people.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Scam concerning broadband?

Hi SueH732,


Thanks for getting in touch.


I'm sorry to hear that and appreciate the concern this has brought you.


Neither Plusnet nor BT would call you for any situation like this and Plusnet customers would not receive calls from BT or vice versa.

There are a few things you can do to avoid unwanted calls, as detailed below.

We have a free call feature called Plusnet Call Protect which allows you to block individual numbers or withheld/international numbers if you so choose. Details on the call feature can be found here:

The Telephone Preference Service is a free Government scheme which allows you to opt-out of all UK marketing sales calls.

We also offer free Caller Display which will display the caller's number on all capable handsets which can be added once your account is open here:

I hope this information helps resolve the issue.

Thanks - LF

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Re: Scam concerning broadband?

I've just received a scam call from 03546 410875 claiming to be fom my ISP.

I cut the call almost imediately and have blocked the number.


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Re: Scam concerning broadband?

Hi @cyrilclark1,


This is indeed a scam call looking at the number you posted.

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 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Scam concerning broadband?

They rang me today from "unavailable" and said they were plusnet and I need to press 1 to talk to the executive. I thought it was suspicious so I hung up and phoned plusnet customer services and they confirmed it was a scam and they were trying it on. The plusnet customer support representative [CSA Removed], added the free plusnet call protection feature on my line and activated it for me so kudos to plusnet for that. But as he said plusnet would send letters not phone you about illegal activity on your account. I just thought I'd share the fact they seem to be hiding their number now in case you're checking the source of the call.


On a side note I did have a call from plusnet a few weeks ago saying that my landline that I just ported over to them was faulty and it would take 2 - 3 days to fix and that was a genuine call, hence why I questioned the broadband call just to put my mind at rest it was a dodgy scam.

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): CSA name(s) removed (to an area staff can see) as per Forum rules.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Scam concerning broadband?

HI @Massmo 


I'm really to hear you have received these types of calls. 


I myself and family members have received these types of calls and it's infuriating. 


We would never provide an automated message with buttons to press. A ticket/email would be sent should there be an issue and we would request you to call in. 


Kind regards