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Samknows speed tests - ?gateway effects?

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Samknows speed tests - ?gateway effects?

I've posted a couple of time about large drops in SamKnows "speedtest" speeds usually at peak times (19:00 to 21:00) - see this forum and Linux forum.
Five days ago (at 09:36:34 according to my log) my IP address changed from (gateway not known) to on gateway ptn-bng01, and the Samknows tests have changed markedly (see first 14 day hourly plot below).
Before - speed steady apart from large drops (up to 50Mb/s), very much time dependent
After - speed varying by around 4Mb/s, much less time dependent
Looking back, the previous IP change (from ) was 23 Dec and the change was in reverse (see second image, 14 days centred on 23rd).
Obviously, not possible to tell the actual reason for the changes as there are too many unknowns (speedtest host, routing, BT/Plusnet maintenance etc.) but.......
Note: GRC reports "full stealth" for my system Smiley
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Re: Samknows speed tests - ?gateway effects?

I'm also waiting for a response, don't hold your breath.....,135754.0.html