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Sagem 2704n custom port forwarding broken?

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Sagem 2704n custom port forwarding broken?

I tried to set up some custom port forward rules on my router last night but it failed with a nonsensical error in the web interface... And there's not even an obvious way to delete the custom rule you've just created.
Found a relevant post from 100 (!) days ago in the Gaming subforum which I replied to as it came up in Google results.
Is the custom port forwarding feature acknowledged as broken, or is there a firmware update available?
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Re: Sagem 2704n custom port forwarding broken?

...any news on this?
I have a couple of 2704 routers now and both seem to have flakey port forwarding behaviour.
Both seem to intermittently need the port forwarding entry added again - even though it is still listed in the advanced setup table.
Most recently, with two custom port forwarding entries each set to forward to a different MAC address, the MAC address will be reset to the alternate entry and has to be re-entered. This represents a vulnerability if the port on the alternate system hasn't been secured.
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Re: Sagem 2704n custom port forwarding broken?

Hi @harrisnr,

Guessing no-one came back to you. I've seen similar issues with port forwarding (as well as WiFi) and am close to the end of my tether and considering dumping this router.

But in a final throw, wondering whether you had any luck fixing this. I was hoping for a f/w update as the F2704 I have still has original 7.273 code and have heard of people solving other issues with 7.275_6 code - but haven;t found the firmware on the forums, and Plusnet support have been singularly useless in either pushing an update or supplying me with a file.

Thanks and best regards,


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Sagem 2704n custom port forwarding broken?

Hi Nasuk,


As per my reply here:


Hopefully we can arrange something for you, failing that it might be worth trying a factory reset on the router if you haven't already.


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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team