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SNRM target.

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Re: SNRM target.


Totally agree, I am in the same boat, box on side of cabinet which is 1.5k from the property, while the lucky ones the other side of the street are .5m away from their cabinet, so I am subsiding them.

I am getting a degrading service (speed test say 19mbs, connection says 22Mbs isp say uhuh computer says you are in spec, ie its above 16Mbs)

More crosstalk apparent since last year.

OR refuse to do anything, except offer FTTP for the unfortunates for 20k estimate.

Ofcom sympathies and does nothing (Suggested B1 0-20, B2 20-40 and B3 40+ on fttc with appropriate prices).

Cheer up though, Boris says we will all get FTTP if he is elected by 2021? Hahahaha

Sarkozy said that way back, never happened.

Roll on 5G or perhaps switch to 4G when conditions are right.

And while I am in ranty mode, get really narked at people crying, oh boohoo I only get 70 Mb on my 80Mb line, try living in my town, yes a town not out in the sticks.


I feel better now Smiley