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SNR Reset

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Registered: ‎22-01-2021

SNR Reset

Hi Plusnet

Firstly I just want to say thank you for how pleasant your customer service people are to deal with on the telephone.


I had quite a few issues with my line over the last year, it got to the point where it fell down to 700kbps or so (yes, kbps) but a visit from an engineer and a new router (mostly) fixed the problems.

Only thing is, week by week, the DLM or whatever was nibbling away at my speeds - such that it had started at around 28mb or so and now it's at 17.1. It's partly my fault because I ended up getting a router with OpenWRT installed and ended up rebooting it dozens of times over many days to get all the settings right.

It's been on solid without a packet dropped for nearly a week now.

Could you give my line a fresh slate please, now that my router issues are settled? 17 is really low out of the 28 I'm paying for.


Thanks again