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Router reconnecting "magically" improves noise margin?

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Registered: ‎18-08-2018

Router reconnecting "magically" improves noise margin?

I wonder if anyone has already observed this or can explain:

When my Hub One first connects, it invariably gets a downstream connection at 79903 with a noise margin of 6.5dB or thereabouts. Great so far.

The noise margin then seems to gradually decrease rather randomly over the course of many hours until it reaches around 0dB when the router will (unsurprisingly) disconnect then reconnect. Typically it's reconnecting once or twice a day.

Now, I fully appreciate that it's normal for the noise margin to decrease at certain times of day due to atmospheric interference.

What I can't understand is why the act of the router reconnecting seems to immediately "magically" restore a good noise margin again, without reducing connection speed? I've observed it time after time.

This feels almost like an incompatibility between the Hub One and the local DSLAM, or a bug in the Hub itself.