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Router line resets - why?

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Router line resets - why?

So, my line generally works really well. However there is one MAJOR annoyance, and that is that, after being up and fine for possibly several weeks, my line will want to reboot.... and usually right when I don't want it to!


So, couple of weeks ago, I knew that I would NEED to be online and stable Mon to Fri, 8.30 to 5.00, to give online training. In the past, I've suffered line-restarts, which p*** off my students because the training session usualky times out.

So I preemptively rebooted my router (and thys the line) on tbe monday before starting, hoping that might appease the reboot God.... but it didn't, Tuesday, mid morning, the line rebooted!  Aaaarggghhhh!!!

What the heck is going on? 

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Re: Router line resets - why?

Hi Paul, would it be a Hub One by any chance?


Having been "fibred" at the end of last year, I've enjoyed excellent speeds and overall it's been pretty darn good!

In recent weeks however my Hub One has also decided to disconnect/reconnect at totally random times, orange light - delay - back to normal. 


I initially reported this in an online chat and was told that they would ask for the line to reset at the exchange, not an unreasonable first action.

It just got worse, several outs over the next few days then 3 days of clear usage, I thought my problems were solved. Unfortunately after that it just got worse and I had 3 disconnects in 1 morning so I know how frustrating it can be.

Back onto chat support.

After a long conversation in which I described what I had reported before and what had happened since I was told that PN couldn't see any disconnects HuhHuhHuh? so I sent them evidence. I had the hub logs and a log of IP number changes.

The best they could offer was to book a BT engineer but it would cost me £65 if they couldn't find a fault.

If they could say it was all my fault I'd apologise, pay the bill and possibly walk naked (albeit with a sandwich board proclaiming how good PN are), up and down the high street.

On an intermittent NEW router disconnect?

Sorry no I wont feed BT that way, too easy to just not be there when the router has brain freeze and then get a bill.

It's intermittent on new equipment on a line with only the router and 1 phone plugged in.

After seeing how many other people have similar problems I bought a new router, in my case a TP-LINK VR2600.


I have had ZERO disconnects since that. I even used the Hub One phone wire and microfilter.

Odd, innit?


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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Router line resets - why?

Hi Paul, 


Line tests don't reveal any obvious issues. Can you try following the advice here next please? let us know how you get on. 


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