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Router keeps flashing orange

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Router keeps flashing orange

Anyone else had a problem with there broadband router flashing orange all afternoon, this has happend the past few days for a few hours, but today seems to be all day. I’ve tried to contact customer services but web chat is constantly busy and unavailable
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Re: Router keeps flashing orange


Welcome to the forum @Janeeziboy8912

I would be inclined to run through the checks at and then report a fault at

It takes a bit of your time but makes Plusnet aware of your problem, makes them look at it, and gets the problem into the queue for action. And avoids the issues with chat and the phone.

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Re: Router keeps flashing orange

Not when this "A fatal website error 'Mvc_HttpVariableNameConflictException' occured, please try later." appears using the fault reporting link.

They hide it well too.

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