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Router -> Switch

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Router -> Switch

Hi! I would like to ask if anybody knows how to re-use the old router TG582n as a switch?


I have turned off the DHCP for the TG582n already, just not really sure how to assign it an ip or assign a "different gateway than the upstream router (new one)" .. I can't find anything changing it's gateway address.. where would I do that? on the new router? or on the old one? as soon as i disable DHCP on the old router, i can't access the webGUI, so eh..


Any advice helps!


If anybody could point me in the right direction now.. after disabling DHCP on old router, what does one do next?

New Router: Sagemcom 2704N


EDIT: I have set a static ip for the TG router to and then disabled the DHCP Server on it. Restarted.


On the new router (Sagem) i logged in as "Expert user" and edited the DHCP Pool to  start and end


Assuming that the static ip for the old router/switch has to be outside the DHCP pool? still getting unidentified network when connecting to the switch/old router.. help please :<


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Re: Router -> Switch

Well, what are you trying to do with it?

If you disable DHCP then you have effectively made it into a switch, plug a bunch of things into it and they will be able to talk to each other (ignoring the WAN and DSL ports).

If you plug the Ethernet port of your 2704 into one of the ethernet ports on the 582n and have DHCP ON on the 2704, anything plugging into the 582n will get a DHCP address from the Sagemcom device, and that will tell the devices to use its IP address to send traffic to.

The 582n's IP is not then used, you arent using it as a router just a switch.


so for example, TG582 IP is, DHCP off.

2704 PI is say DHCP on.

PC turns on either to ethernet port on 582 or 582's wifi, it will broadcast a requect for a DHCP address and the TG will just relay that on all the switch ports, and the Sagemcom will reply with an IP of say and a gateway of 


So when you browse the web no traffic goes to .250 although you can access the web page still if you need to.

You can leave the IP in the DHCP pool as you are not likely to have 250 machines on your local network, and the routers usually ask on the network who has ip xxx when doing dhcp to stop conflicts too, and if all that fails windows tells you there is a duplicate.

hope that makes sense!

As you still have problems though check you are just using ethernet ports, check the link lights are up to make sure its cabled in ok too. If its still not working then let us know.

Have you ever used wireshark too?