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Router emitting fumes? Possible?

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Router emitting fumes? Possible?

Hi, first post so please be gentle.

I have a BT Openreach modem and a Plusnet router in my small porch. No other electrical items in there (well, the fuse box but that smells fine and is in a cupboard so easily tell if it smells weird). Last week I came back from work to what I can only describe are 'fume' smells.  Everything works as it should, connection fine. But the smell is horrible, makes you light-headed etc...(even when porch door shut). It's getting unbearable now.

We've tried troubleshooting, ie. When everything is unplugged the smell disappears. I changed the BT modem yesterday (bought one from amazon and changed the cables as well), also changed the 4 way extension lead just in case, but the smell persists leading me to think it's the router/that cabling. I can't fathom out where the smell is coming from though as I can sniff around all the cabling/router/modem and it's all normal.

Is it possible the router is causing the smell?(can't describe it as such, just fumes. Not helpful I know).

It's old and gets constant use. Never had this problem before. I would ring Plusnet but not sure if I'm right or not. The acct is also in my ex's name (divorced earlier this yr) so they might not talk to me.  (We will be moving in the next month so I will also sign up for an account in my name.) I have seen a router on eBay but don't want to waste more money if that isn't the possible cause. (plus dreading the set up as I just know it'll go wrong!, never set up a router before, my ex did that sort of thing, learning curve!).

Would Plusnet send a different router unless they know it's definitely faulty?

No idea who to ask about this so trying here.

Any help and suggestions welcomed.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Router emitting fumes? Possible?

Thanks for getting in touch @monno2

Based on what you've said it's likely to be an issue with the router.

I've raised a ticket on your account requesting more information regarding this which you can view by going here.

If you can let us know once you've responded we'll get that picked up for you.

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team