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Router Upgrade

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Router Upgrade

How do I get a Hub one? I've had the Thompson for a long while now and would like to be upgraded to the new router.

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Re: Router Upgrade

Quoting a Plusnet rep

"Hello there. If you're out of your contract (or within the final 3 months), our customer options team (0800 013 2632) should be able offer you one as part of a new fibre contract. They may ask for the P&P charge of £6.99 though."

from this old thread:


The Hub One is a rebadged BT Home Hub 5 type A (Sagemcom).  Plenty of used ones on eBay, along with the rarer type B (Huawei) which is perceived to be better.


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Re: Router Upgrade

If you recontracted within the last 3 months, you are also entitled to one for the P&P of £6.99

But as it is a rebadged BT Home Hub 5 Type A, you might want to get one of those from a well known auction site for about £25 delivered.

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Re: Router Upgrade

Buy the 5b the 5a tends to need rebooting every day on some connection ,not worth being tied to a 18 month contract for a 25 pound 5a ..

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Re: Router Upgrade

Was offered one but I would have to accepted a new 24 month contract, which I was not prepared to do at this point in time of poor service from this new network.
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Re: Router Upgrade

Thanks for the replies. I will look to ebay I think.

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Re: Router Upgrade



I was in a similar situation - my Thomson router stopped working, so Plusnet offered me a number of options, all of which meant signing up for an 18 month contract, which I'm not prepared to sign up to.

So I bought a Billion 8800NL R2 modem / router. It was 60 quid and is excellent - really fast, dead easy to set up, and so far has worked faultlessly.