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Router Recommendation

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Router Recommendation

Hi - 


I have been having micro disconnects, and have been getting slow speeds even though i have the fastest package. Currently when i do a speed tests the range i get is from 39mb-45mb. When i first joined it was easily well over 55+ after the training period.

The technical team have been looking into it but i was thinking of getting a new router anyway. Can someone please link me a router? My budget is around £50-100


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Re: Router Recommendation

Are the disconnects WiFi or wired? If WiFi, yes, a better router might help. If wired, a new router will probably still have the same issues. Get the line fixed first then proceed from there.


As to routers, I prefer the TP-Link range. You might be thinking of a combined router, whereas mine is a separate modem and router, which is getting onto 3 years old. It just works, 24/7. Indeed, when I look at the forum post, slow speed, disconnects etc, I do sometimes wonder whether I'm connected to the same Plusnet network. We all have our favourite make but I'd suggest having a browse on the various tech sites, that conduct tests, for recommended routers. 

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