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Router/Modem Replacement

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Router/Modem Replacement

I currently have an Openreach Ecolife HG612, and a Sagecom 2704N Router and Modem. Both of which I understand are quite old.

I find I need a more powerful WiFi Router with USB outlets at the unit,

I have been told I need to be careful as to the Model of router I buy to meet the Plusnet requirements.

So, what criteria is needed to get the right Router?

Why do I have a separate Router and Modem?

Do I have to have two units cluttering up my windowsill?

Hope you can help

Many Thanks


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Re: Router/Modem Replacement

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Re: Router/Modem Replacement

Re modem, the open reach unit provided is fine, I wouldnt focus your efforts here.  Improvements however can be found for the router, recommendations below:


I would highly recommend the Asus N66U:


It had a strong dual band wifi signal, supports multiple USB devices and has a whole bunch of other useful capabilities such as multiple gigabit ports, VPN server, DDNS as well as out of the box support for custom roms such as DDWRT and Tomato.


If that seems a little pricey then its cheaper little brother is also an excellent choice (i have both)


I have used both with Plusnet's fibre for multiple years with excellent results and significantly better than the free router provided.