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Reset profile?

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Reset profile?

I was wondering if it is possible to reset/adjust my profile to bring my download speed back up? In the past, I've had a stable 75+Mbps (this is also the estimated speed) and been told by an OR engineer that the line is very good but after a series of power outages and maintenance works, it seems to have dropped to ~65/19 - every megabit counts in my data heavy household so if there's anything that could be done on PN's end to bring it back up, it'd be very much appreciated.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Reset profile?

Hi @lalex1 


Welcome to the forums! 


Sorry to hear this has happened - I've had a look at your connection and can see that your router is currently syncing at 67Mbps. 


The Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed for your line is 51.7Mbps and our Supplier estimates are ranging between a Low of roughly 58Mbps and a High of 80Mbps. 


I can confirm that our tests have found no fault on your line which might have caused this reduction in speed, and I'm afraid that, as the speed is within estimates, that our supplier would most likely not look into this as a speed issue. 


There are a few things which you can do from your side in an attempt to get your speeds back up to the level you were previously noticing, however, this is not a 100% guarantee I'm afraid.


To start, I'd advise taking a look through our troubleshooting guides here


Id also suggest on plugging your router into the test socket with no other devices connected to your phone line, and then running a Wired Speed Test here . A guide on how to locate your test socket can be fount here


Please let us know if any of this helps. 



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 Alisdair C
 Plusnet Help Team