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Renewal - only being offered a downgrade

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Renewal - only being offered a downgrade

I've clicked through on my renewal offer and the only option I am being given is a downgrade to Unlimited Fibre (38-40) from my current Plusnet Unlimited Fibre (70).


Why am I only offered a downgrade instead of being migrated to the similar Unlimited Fibre Extra (70)


I do not want to complete the renewal unless I am sure that my current speeds are not affected or downgraded. Would someone please check this for me?


Alternatively, why can't I just start a new contract using the new user offers?

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Re: Renewal - only being offered a downgrade

Best bet to call customer options on 0800 013 2632 as the online renewal system has been known to get confused between the legacy Plusnet Unlimited Fibre (80/20) and the current Unlimited Fibre Extra packages.