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Reduced sync speed

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Reduced sync speed

Since I switched to fibre in March '17 I've always had a full 80/20. However, a couple weeks ago Plusnet obviously changed something and it's now 74/20 (see attached).

I'm less than thrilled by an 8% reduction in speed with an upcoming 5% increase in line rental cost.

Could someone undo whatever was done please?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Reduced sync speed

Hi @invis,


Testing the line it looks like there's a banding imposed on it to cap it at 74Mbps at the exchange. As it's banded we've added it to our daily reset list to be sent off to BT Wholesale for the banding to be lifted, though it's worth noting it is unlikely the banding reset will go through until Monday or Tuesday.

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