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Recurring speed problem - software problem???

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Registered: ‎18-11-2015

Recurring speed problem - software problem???

We had a speed problem earlier in the year which resulted in an engineer finding a bad connection and fixing it. All was then well but over a number of months the download data rate as shown on the Hub One dropped from 34956 to 19135 by September 2020. The connection seemed stable sometimes going for days before reconnecting and the upload data rate  remained around 6384  with a noise margin around 6.0. The noise margin for download had risen to 16.1. I therefore reported a fault and went through the plugging in to the test socket routine which made absolutely no difference. An engineer was booked and about 15 mins before he arrived the router reconnected and the speed was back to 33203. He then arrived, tested and found nothing wrong. 

Since then the pattern has repeated and our current stats are:

4. Board version:Plusnet Hub One
5. DSL uptime:2 days, 09:45:55
6. Data rate:6438 / 19135
7. Maximum data rate:6439 / 37633
8. Noise margin:6.3 / 16.4
9. Line attenuation:24.9 / 24.4
10. Signal attenuation:25.0 / 22.1


The line is clearly capable of a much faster connection so I used the online fault system four days ago which resulted in the fault opening a question on my account.

I've yet to have a response from Plusnet ( is this normal?) so I wondered if there was anyone on the board who might have a clue on what is going on. 

It is almost as though there is a software problem which is pushing the download rate down

Hope that someone can help.