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Recent spate of regular disconnections - what's DLM doing?

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Recent spate of regular disconnections - what's DLM doing?



I am lucky. My FTTC connection has been a very solid and reliable performer with historical uptime of 3-6 months at a go.

Since the beginning of July, things have gone a bit odd. Initially my SNR dropped, no disconnection. Then since mid-July I get a disconnection roughly every 1.5 - 2.5 days. I use line monitoring and the reason code is RDI/DLM for the disconnection.

Prior to and after the disconnection, SNR is very stable, errors are low to non-existent (except FEC errors). I don't seem to have noise spikes or anything. The line rate before and after is usually very similar, although since the disconnection a day ago, I now have a down rate of 79,999 and 3.2db SNR. 

Is this DLM testing my line out to see if I can go onto the new, lower, 3db SNR target?

If so, how long does it take DLM to determine what my stable line level is, so that I can return to my reliable connection of old?

Really I just want to be confident there isn't some other fault on the line.

Thanks for your time



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Re: Recent spate of regular disconnections - what's DLM doing?

Hi there,


Checking your line is showing infrequent disconnections:



DLM will always be monitoring the line, checking to see whether alterations are needed based on the line characteristics at the time. At the moment the line and the number of disconnections wouldn't be something classed as a fault, but if they do get more frequent please do let us know.

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